What Is Pickleball?

    Pickleball resembles tennis and is played with a ball that resembles a whiffle ball. It’s also played on a standard badminton court and uses paddles that resemble ping-pong paddles.

    Basically, it borrows basic features from a variety of popular ball-and-net games. Unlike these other games, pickleball has simple rules.

    It’s also perfect for kids, as the pickleball court size is smaller compared to tennis.

    If you have played badminton, tennis, ping-pong, or racquetball, you should have no problem picking up the basics of playing pickleball.

    Many people play this sport for physical exercise. The typical calories burned while playing pickleball is about 250 to 450 calories per 30 minutes of play.

    Courts are also popping up across the country. However, you can also easily set up a court in your backyard or in a parking lot. You just need a flat, hard surface.

    What Are the Pickleball Court Dimensions?

    The standard pickleball court dimensions are the same size as the standard badminton court used for doubles. The pickleball court measurements are 20-feet wide and 44-feet long. This standard pickleball court size is used for both doubles and singles.

    While the dimensions of a pickleball court are 20 x 44-feet, the play area is typically 30 to 34-feet wide and 60- to 64-feet long.

    The pickleball court lines also need to be clearly marked. The lines are two-inches wide and should use a color that contrasts the color of the court.

    How High Is a Pickleball Net?

    The height of a pickleball net can vary, depending on whether you measure at the posts or in the center of the net.

    The pickleball nets are set at a height of 36-inches on the side posts and need to maintain a height of 34-inches in the center. If the net cannot remain taut, a post is occasionally added in the center to keep the pickleball net height at 34-inches.

    Pickleball vs Tennis – What’s the Difference?

    There are many differences between tennis and pickleball, including the net height. When comparing the pickleball net height vs tennis net height, the tennis net is higher.

    What is the height of a pickleball net? The standard height in the center of the net is 34-inches. Tennis nets are set at a height of 3.5-feet along the posts and 36-inches at the center.

    The dimension of the pickleball court is also different. The standard pickle court dimensions are 20 x 44-feet, which is much smaller compared to the standard tennis court.

    Tennis courts measure 78-feet long and 27-feet wide, for singles matches. Doubles matches are played on courts that are 36-feet wide.

    The racquets are also longer. Most pickleball paddles are about 15 to 16-inches long, while tennis racquets often measure 27 to 29-inches.

    The pickleball court dimensions are smaller, the paddles are smaller compared to the racquets, and the ball is smaller.